President’s Day is on Monday – Fun Facts!

  • President’s Day was established in honor of President George Washington’s birthday. The federal holiday is officially called Washington’s Birthday.
  • President George Washington was born in Virginia on February 22, 1732.
  • Abraham Lincoln, our 16th president, was born on February 12, 1809 , and is often honored on President’s day.
  • President Washington’s leadership during the Revolution and Constitutional Convention, and his unimpeachable character made him the ideal presidential candidate. He was unanimously elected president twice, in 1789 and 1792.
  • George Washington grew up on Ferry Farm where he learned the principles of agriculture.
  • Washington thought of himself first as a farmer.
  • George Washington expanded the Mount Vernon plantation to five farms where he studied and implemented innovative farming methods.
  • A local Radio program reported that George Washington sat on a chair in Cole Farmhouse when he visited Governor Sessions.
  • Cole Farm was a little village with 100 inhabitants, famous for its herd of high-grade cows and for horse breeding.
  • Cole Farmhouse was built by Richard Brown in 1731 one year before Washington’s birth.


The historic Cole Farmhouse in Providence, RI
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What is this large post outside the old house? 🤔

The large stone standing next to the water well is an historic hitching post.
Hmmm, what is a hitching post? 🤔 Here is the response from RI Historical Preservation & Heritage commission…
Those holes in the front appear to be filled with lead, which probably held the pins from which iron rings would have dangled. These were often placed not far from the front doors of houses so a visitor’s horse(s) had a place to be parked 🐴🐴🐴.

Thank you @rihphc_pres for your help!🙏 🤓 A post about a post….

Historic hitching post outside Cole Farmhouse in Providence, RI

Cole’s Hambletonian – poster from 1884 🏇

This poster was shared by the Cole Family that owned the Cole Farm — thank you 🙏

Hambletonian racehorse
Hambletonian – top

The Cole family has been identified with the history of Rhode Island since the early years of the struggling colony. The family which was founded in Rhode Island by James Cole is a branch of one of the most ancient and honorable English houses.

Hambletonian, was one of the best Thoroughbre racehorses of the late 18th century, having won all of his race starts, except one, and was later a good sire (source: Wikipedia)

“Washington L. Cole did much to make “Cole’s Farm” well known. Possessing hundreds of acres, he produced big crops, had a large dairy and went extensively into the breeding of racehorses. One of his mares, Messenger Girl,” after defeating all competitors in New England, was sold at Narragansett Park after some races, to Kentucky breeders, who paid $1000 for her. Many noted horses of present times trace their ancestry back through this mare.” (Source: Cow Paths on City Streets
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Hambletonian poster – bottom

Cole Farm Village in 1918, famous for its herd of one hundred high grade cows

At early 1900’s , the Cole Farm section was a little village with about 100 inhabitants and its own general store (see map). The farm was famous for its herd of one hundred high grade cows. During its later years the farm was used for horse breeding.
It remained a farm until 1947 when the last 3 acres of land were sold off for house lots.

1918 Map of Providence East Side

bringing this farm to a high standard of efficiency and excellence…

“The name of Cole has been identified with the history of Rhode Island since the early years of the struggle of the little colony for existence. … Washington Leverett Cole, was educated in the private school of Samuel J. Austin in Providence and on completing his studies, became interested immediately in the in the management of his father’s large property and of his farm, eventually succeeding him in the control of the estate. He devoted his entire life to bringing this farm to a high standard of efficiency and excellence, purely for the love of the work, and for his deep interest in agriculture and dairying.”

source: American Biography: A New Cyclopedia, Volume 6 (pp. 238-240)

Providence Centre of Industry

The book Lost Providence by David Brussat tells the story of the renewal of Providence and its architectural change. The author writes “Providence has one of the nation’s most intact historic downtowns and is one of America’s most beautiful cities.”

Page 25 in the Prologue shows an historic map showing Providence as the center of Northern Industries, a rival to Boston, New York and Philadelphia (see credits in the image below).

You can read this book and many other books about Providence at the Cole Farmhouse #USA1731

Image scanned from the book “Lost Providence” by
David Brussat